Fun and frank conversations with leaders from across the world of tech. Learn how technology is transforming the world we live in - and how you can break in.

Conversations with leaders from across the world of tech.

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Technology is at the heart of our modern world, but the pace of change can be both overwhelming and unsettling. Join us, Warwick MBA students, as we seek to demystify the latest trends in tech, and what they mean for us all. Through fun and frank conversations with tech leaders, you'll learn about the hottest areas in tech right now - and how you might break in.


Episode 4: AI, chatbots and bias | with Josie Young from Microsoft
Episode 3: Food & Tech with Tim Brown from Oracle
Dhruv on the river 3.jpg.gallery (1).jpg
Episode 2: Hacking society's toughest challenges: with Dhruv Boruah
Episode 1: Tech for Good with Isabel Chapman